Exquisitely written to be as readable as any novel

Sunday Telegraph


David Day Ecology

Serialized Ecowars

Punch Magazine

Concise, exciting and persuasive

Times Literary Supplement

Thoughtful, provoking and entertaining 

Douglas Adams

Thoughtful and stimulating book for children

Books for Keeps

Day writes natural history of rare quality …a masterpiece

New Scientist

Beautifully written; a dramatic poetic narrative

Times Educational Supplement

Columns from Punch Magazine 

with cartoonist

Tony Husband

There is the poignancy of it 

Then there is the horror

Evening Standard

Written with tremendous power and passion

Sunday Telegraph

The best book on the ecology movement worldwide

Allan Thornton 

​Founder Greenpeace, UK

A gem of a book…. It will give hours of pleasure 

Robert Bateman Wildlife Artist