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 Vanished Species:  David Day
Works (please click on titles below or the jackets to read more about these works)

Latest Work


Nevermore: A Book of Hours  (2012)

Nevermore is a modern bestiary and a book of remembrance, a distillation of thirty years of research and meditation by author and poet David Day, an acknowledged authority on the extinction of species. In its conception and approach, Nevermore is unlike any other natural history. It is laden with a combined sense of wonder and savagery in its vivid descriptions of first encounters with, and last glimpses of, long forgotten species. It is beautifully illustrated by four distinguished wildlife artists, and unfolds as a requiem to vanished species.






Natural history and ecology

Fantasy and mythology

New Editions

Indigo – Chapters - Coles. Canadian Edition released September 2012. Hard Cover

Indigo – Chapters - Coles. Canadian Edition released January 2012 Hard Cover

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Children's fiction and poetry

Television, radio, film and theatre

  • The Scarlet Coat - Theatre (1984) Play based on David Day's book `THE SCARLET COAT SERIAL'. Commissioned for Theatre Saskatchewan as a heritage project by SaskTrust. Performed- Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • The Lost - Radio (1984) CBC National Poetry Contest Award-winning dramatized reading of ‘THE LOST’ - a long sequence of poems from David Day’s `THE ANIMALS WITHIN' broadcast on ‘ANTHOLOGY’ the CBC's weekly national arts program.
  • Gothic - Theatre (1988/2003) Stage performances in three day festival: DREAM QUEST - MAGIC, POETRY, SHAMANISM. Performed with magician Simon Drake and Hunt Family traditional Kwaguith (Kwakiutl) Native Indian Dancers, Royal Victoria Museum Theatre, Victoria, B.C., Canada. 2003 - In development by Bulgarian director, Petya Tordova, as a mixed-media theatre and film project, London, UK.
  • The Emperor's Panda - Theatre (1988) Stage dramatization of David Day’s Governor General’s Award Nominated, National Library Award; and IBBY International Award Winning children’s novel . ‘THE EMPEROR’S PANDA’. Directed by Peter Moss as a full-length stage play for the national Young People's Theatre of Toronto, Canada.
  • First Step - Film
  • Noah's Choice - Television (1990) British ‘Channel Four For Schools’ Television Program on extinction and survival of species based on the Kestrel/Puffin book of the same name. Narrated and hosted by author David Day.
  • Still Life at the Penguin Cafe - Ballet (1993) Film / Television David Day’s book is acknowledged inspiration for the British Royal National Ballet's `STILL LIFE AT THE PENGUIN CAFE'. Choreographed by David Bintley and first performed at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera, New York . 1994, 1995, 1996 - World Tour with Royal National Ballet . 1996 - Filmed version at Royal Opera House Covent Garden first televised on BBC TWO Television, UK - Christmas Day. 1997-8 became available on BBC Film Video - General Release.
  • The Whale War - Television (1993) One hour British ITV undercover documentary on the whaling industry entitled `THE WHALE WAR' based on David Day’s book of the same title. Produced by ITV in co-operation with the Environmental Investigation Agency. 1995 - `THE WHALE WAR’ - Feature Film option bought by 20th Century Fox.
  • Lost Animals – 100 part television series (1995/1996) originally created for Britain's CHANNEL FOUR and Japan’s NHK TELEVISION NETWORKS. Produced by CLARK TV, London, and WALK PRODUCTIONS, Tokyo. SERIES OF 100 SHORT TV FILMS - one hundred individual stories of animal species that have become extinct in the 20th century. All scripts by David Day. Series is based on David Day's DOOMSDAY BOOK OF ANIMALS. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 – ‘LOST ANIMALS’ SERIES – in translated formats have been broadcast in twenty languages and networks worldwide: Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Hungary, Indonesia.
  • Just Say 'No' to Family Values - Poetry and jazz (1998) Narration of English language versions by Greta Scacchi. Multiple screenings on Japanese and British prime-time television and now frequently rerun by American Knowledge Network, and Japanese and British schools programming . Channel Four Videos with accompanying booklets and learning aids for students. SENATOR, TORONTO, CANADA Poetry and Jazz performance with the Juno-award winning Hugh Fraser Quintet. Poetry performed to jazz accompaniment. Also original lyrics written by David Day for Hugh Fraser's compositions
  • Arthur I & Arthur II – Ballets (2000) QUEST FOR KING ARTHUR - BALLET. 2000, 2001, 2002 - David Day's book, `QUEST FOR KING ARTHUR' is the reference for the Royal Birmingham Ballet’s ARTHUR I & ARTHUR II. David Day was commissioned by Royal Birmingham Ballet as dramaturge under direction of David Bintley for two full-length ballets in the King Arthur Cycle:
    ARTHUR – PART 1 and ARTHUR – PART 2. These ballets also have linking texts to accompany the performances. These are the longest ballets ever staged. Premiering at the Royal Opera House and Covent Garden and the National Ballet Theatre at Sadler’s Wells, ARTHUR I & ARTHUR II was the flagship arts project for the Royal Birmingham Ballet and the City of Birmingham’s Millennium Commission.